This is a course in Self Knowledge and Self Love, helping you to learn more about yourself through discovering more about your 'inner nature'.

We cover what is the difference between living from Ego (or wounded self) and living from your Higher Self (true self); your Belief Systems: identifying them and transmuting and healing negative beliefs; Self-Forgiveness and Forgiveness of others; and developing a Radical Self Care system based on the ancient self healing knowledge contained in Ayurveda.

Akasha Love, Bali

Hi, I’m Akasha Love

I am a soul alchemist and spiritual guide as well as an artist and musician. I have spent the past 16 years on a deep spiritual journey connecting with inspirational teachers from different spiritual traditions around the world. I am a qualified yoga and meditation teacher, and my core passion is guiding people in the practice of self love and self acceptance so that they can live from a deep connection with their higher self and experience the joy and inner peace that results.

I am based in Bali and teach online and offline courses to help you live from the centre of your being, experience passion in your work and relationships, and importantly, follow the guidance of your own heart, which usually speaks to us in whispers. We need to get quiet to really hear its messages.

This course is closed for enrollment.